Australian software engineering graduate and programmer.

Samuel Walladge

About me

I'm a Christian, programmer, and Software Engineering graduate from CDU (graduated with first class honours). I am passionate about learning, programming, good software, and sharing knowledge.

Over the last few years, I've tutored at the NCSS Summer School (an amazing experience!) and the NCSS challenge online, built a commercial website under contract for a client, and worked toward completing my degree, among other things.

I am currently looking for software-related jobs in South Australia. If you know anyone who is looking to hire someone with my background, please contact me! :)

Contact me

My email address and preferred communication point is samuel@swalladge.id.au. Please use PGP if security required.

Alternate/backup emails: swaladge@fastmail.com or swalladge@protonmail.com. I don't check these as often.

Networks you can find me on:

You can download my public PGP key here. Fingerprint: 1732 CF7B FA3E FD14 DF2A 5C14 437A 4481 5AC1 0404