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About me

I’m a Christian, programmer, and student at CDU currently studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours (4th year).

This January and the previous, I tutored at the NCSS (National Computer Science School), which I totally recommend. If you’re a high school student and interested in computer science, you must apply!

Also interested in:

  • Linux
  • dvorak
  • languages (human languages that is)
  • open source software
  • photography
  • python and other programming languages
  • self hosted services
  • sport
  • vim (neovim to be precise)
  • web development


You can find me online on a range of services and networks:

PGP key

You can download my public PGP key here.

Fingerprint: 1732 CF7B FA3E FD14 DF2A 5C14 437A 4481 5AC1 0404


I also have an account on keybase, which can be helpful with verifying my identity in places or if you wish to send me something encrypted.

You can also view files I have on the Keybase filesystem (either with the client or online). There is also a signed index.md rendered online containing some other info/links/proofs.