Australian software engineering graduate and programmer.


I’ve worked on several projects over the years, in various stages of development. Here are some of the more complete ones.

You will also find many projects of mine or projects I’ve contributed to on GitHub.

I developed the new website for the Riverland Link under contract during 2017.

screenshot of the Riverland Link

It was developed from scratch, with Django in the backend, Postgresql for the database, and Semantic UI for the frontend styles. In addition, it was designed so that it can power the Barossa Link website as well, with no changes required to the codebase.

Berri Native Plants (2015-2016)

I designed and developed the website for Berri Native Plants. (See blog post.)

screenshot of the homepage of bnp.net.au

It was developed with Jekyll as a static site, featuring a blog, photo gallery (with Sigal), and site search (Lunr.js).